Stradalli Cycle? Full Carbon 27mm Wide Deep Section 50/50mm Comet Road Clincher Wheel Set 100% 3K Weave Carbon Fiber Our new 50/50mm Full Carbon Clincher Wheel set features a 27mm wide rim at the brake track. The wider rim creates a more aerodynamic profile, offers more control crosswinds, and better handling and control. Our new profile creates better aerodynamics at wider yaw angle. We all know that you're never riding head on into a headwind. In other words, our new 27mm wide rim is more aerodynamic in crosswinds than our previous model. The rim being wider at the break track also means the tire is spread further apart, allowing for a larger contact patch with the ground. This allows for better handling, especially at speed. The wider rim just flat out looks cooler than our skinnier models, and we all know that's what matters most! Rear hub is Shimano and SRAM compatible. (9,10 and 11 speed) 50/50mm Full carbon Clincher wheel set Set is complete with hubs and quick release skewers. Rear hub is Shimano, SRAM compatible. Brand: Stradalli Model: 50/50mm x 27mm 20 Spoke front wheel. Radial Lace Straight Pull Spokes 24 Spoke rear wheel. Straight Pull Spokes 240 lb max load Main Color: Carbon fiber Matte Black. Grey and Black Shield logo graphics. Tire size: 28-21, 28-23, 28-25 Hub:Chosen Double seal Stradalli Hub Straight Pull Spokes: Bladed with black anodized nipples. Our quality is world class, competition rated. Our prices leave Zipp in the dust. Requires carbon fiber specific brake pad.

Stradalli サイクル フルカーボン 27mm ワイド ディープセクション 50/50mm コメット ロード クリンチャー ホイールセット [並行輸入品]
[ニューバランス] MHANZRH1 2E
スコッティキャメロン SCOTTY CAMERON ツアーパター 009 マスタフル サークルT ロールトップ ブルー No.3415 パター パター シャフト:スチール